"I'm such a slut for authority."

Do Me, Alan Shore!
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"At the same time that I find [Shore] sort of endearing and compelling, he's appalling at the exact same moment!"
"He has so many qualities that are at such cross purposes with his profession. The legal profession is based on authority; he hates authority and questions it at every turn. It's based on protocol and diplomacy; he hates rules, and you don't know what he's going to say next--but it'll probably be inappropriate."

--James Spader, to the AP, stolen shamelessly from E! Online.

He's obnoxious. He's sarcastic. He's "ethically challenged"--to put it mildly.

But he's so cUuUuUuUte!!!!111

in the tradition of the infamous do_me_cliques, this is

Do Me, Alan Shore!

A community for squeeage, droolage, and general perviness associated with "The Practice"'s adorable widdle rat bastard, played ever so nummily by the inimitable James Spader. Squee over him at spaderiffic.

Brand new community! All fangirls (and fanboys) welcome! Join and post away!

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